About Us

About Sangalo

Who are we?

Sangalo Tea Factory was licensed in September 2018, started ground breaking in Nov 2018. Construction stared in Jan 2019.installation of machinery started in June 2019. Sangalo Tea Factory started its operation on 28th September 2019. Commissioning was done on 1st October 2019.

Since inception, Sangalo run this business with precision, just like we make our tea. Our services are in another level. Tea making is both an art and a science that is dependent on attention to detail and continuous improvement. That is why we get the best clients and retain them.

Our Ground Rules

What contributes to our results?

• Be respectful when sharing and receiving information. Remember it is not just what you say but how you say.
• Seek first to understand and then be understood and listen to understand but not to respond.
• Treat others as you would like to be treated.
• Stay mentally and physically present at the work place and always remember to be time mindful.
• In case there is a problem attack the problem not the person.

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Mission Statement

To effectively collect, process, package and sell quality tea thus promote development of tea growing in Nandi County and beyond

Vision Statement

To be a producer of superior quality black CTC tea that farmers want to sell their produce to, employees are proud to work for, consumers highly recommend and investors seek for long term returns.

Core Values

- Team Work
-Daring to be Different
-Leadership by Example
-Cummunity & Environmental care

Our Partners